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Over the last decade privatization, decentralization and public procurement processes have provided opportunities for unscrupulous civil servants to benefit in central and eastern Europe: the case of Bulgaria, Latvia, Poland, Romania, Russia and Slovakia are considered. Conflict of interest is the power of public officials to promote their private interest, the private interests of their relatives or the commercial enterprises in which they participate.

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Part I. Summary Report

  • Problems and Prospects of Preventing Conflict of Interest in Local Governments in the CEE Countries, B. Kudryska


Part II. Country Profiles

  • The Bulgarian Experience with Building a Framework for the Prevention of Conflict of Interest Situations in Local Government, P. Roussinova
  • The Progress of regulation of Conflict of Interest in Local Government in Latvia, M. Pukis
  • Difficulties with Implementation of Conflict of Interest Regulation in Polish Local Government, P.J. Suwaj
  • New Ways of Managing Conflict of Interest Problems in Romania, A. Moraru, A. Baboi-Stroe, A. Badila, C.L. Popescu
  • Conflict of Interest in Russian Local Government: Challenges for New Legislation, A.A. Kuznetsov, A. Shanin, G. Vetrov
  • Waiting for a Conflict of Interest - Constitutional Law in Slovakia, J. Pilat
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