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Retail Marketing Management, 2nd Edition (Маркетинг менеджмент в розничной торговле)

Опубликовано на портале: 30-10-2003
Изд-во: Pearson Education, 2003
Тематические разделы:
For undergraduate and postgraduate courses in Retail Marketing and Marketing Management. The second edition of this highly successful text offers a unique approach that combines retail marketing theory with the newer retail concepts and international examples. Building on the first edition this text starts by looking at the nature of retailing as an activity, then introduces retail marketing, followed by a discussion of consumer behaviour, the retail marketing mix, and other important issues such as location strategies, branding, the application of IT and ethics. This text takes an integrated approach to explaining the process of internationalisation, and the inclusion of plenty of international examples reinforces this approach.

This book is seen as one of the few that fully integrates retailing and marketing.

Рекомендуется для использования в курсах «Маркетинг в розничной торговле» и «Маркетинг менеджмент» как начального, так и продвинутого уровней. В представленной книге теория маркетинга розничной торговли сочетается с современными концепциями ритейлинга и примерами из международной практики.

1. An Introduction to retailing as an activity
2. An introduction to retail marketing
3. Consumer behaviour and retail operations
4. The management of service and quality in retailing
5. The retail marketing mix and product
6. Merchandise Management
7. Retail pricing
8. Retail promotion
9. Retail logistics and distribution
10. Methods and approaches to retail marketing planning
11. Retail location strategies and decisions
12. The management of a retail brand
13. The applications of It to retail marketing
14. Consumerism and ethics in retailing
15. International retailing
16. The future of retailing

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