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Exploring Marketing Research, 8th edition (Разведывательное маркетинговое исследование)

Опубликовано на портале: 09-11-2003
USA: South-Western College, 2002
Тематический раздел:
Marketing research on the Internet has moved from the introductory stage of its product life to the growth stage in the 21st century. Technological developments and social diffusion of the Internet have and will continue to shape the future of marketing research dramatically. Exploring Marketing Research, 8e reflects the astonishing changes in information technology that have taken place since the previous edition. While this edition continues to focus on the time honored, traditional marketing research methods, the addition of extensive coverage of Internet research is a major change in this edition. Internet issues are carefully placed throughout the text to combine basic marketing research concepts with the emerging Internet power to conduct effective marketing research.

Главная особенность представленного издания – широкий охват способов интернет исследований, дополняющий рассмотрение базовых концепций и традиционных методов маркетинговых исследований.

Part 1: Introduction.
Part 2: Beginning Stages Of The Research Process.
Part 3: Research Designs For Collecting Primary Data.
Part 4: Measurement Concepts.
Part 5: Sampling And Fieldwork.
Part 6: Data Analysis And Presentation.
Comprehensive Cases With Computerized Databases.
Appendix A. Statistical Tables.

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