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International Logistics (Международная логистика)

Опубликовано на портале: 26-11-2003
New York: AMACOM, 2002, 400 с.
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Implementing effective logistics strategies when operating internationally differs from managing domestic logistics because of specific factors such as shipping regulations, transportation concerns, and cultural differences. This indispensable guide presents a coherent perspective on contemporary global logistics from raw materials through production to the customer. Now in its second edition, the book includes sections on: the roles of governments and intermediaries, international sourcing, the application of local trade laws, ocean, air, and surface carriers and systems. Plus, this second edition has been revised with new information on supply chain management, important updates of U.S. shipping regulations, new case studies, chapter review questions, and standardized international terms of sale.

1. Overview
2. Government's Interest and Involvement in International Logistics
3. Logistics in Different Parts of the World
4. Ocean Ships and Shipping
5. Chartering Bulk Ocean Carriers
6. The Ocean Liner Contract System
7. International Air Transportation
8. Surface Transport to and from Ports, and to and from Canada and Mexico
9. Seaports, Airports, Canals and Tunnels
10. International Logistics Functions and Intermediaries
11. Terms of Sale and Payment
12. Documentation and Insurance
13. Logistics of Export Product Movement
14. International Sourcing
15. Logistics of Famine Relief
16. The Role of Logistics in International Supply Chain Management
17. Future Issues in International Logistics