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Consumer Behaviour Analysis: Critical Perspectives in Business and Management. Vol. I, II, III

Опубликовано на портале: 26-02-2004
London, New York: Routledge, 2001, 1416 с.
This set reprints key writings on different aspects of consumer psychology, through theoretical to empirical work. New introductions and a detailed index are included to guide the reader through the material. The areas covered include: ullet foundations, ullet theories and models of consumer behaviour, ullet interpretive approaches, ullet economic psychology of consumer behaviour, ullet individual processes, ullet beliefs, attitudes and decision processes, ullet consumer choice, personality and cognitive style, ullet the consumer environment, adoption and diffusion of innovations ullet socio-cultural influences and the physical environment.

Volume I: The Behavioural Basis of Consumer Choice
Introduction: Foundations of Consumer Behaviour Analysis
Part 1: Towards a Behavioural Perspective
1. Leonard L. Berry and John H. Kunkel In Pursuit of Consumer Theory Decision Sciences [1970]
2. Walter R. Nord and J. Paul Peter A Behavior Modification Perspective on Marketing Journal of Marketing [1980]
3. Michael L. Rothschild and William C. Gaidis Behavioral Learning Theory: Its Relevance to Marketing and Promotions Journal of Marketing [1981]
4. J. Paul Peter and Walter R. Nord A Clarification and Extension of Operant Conditioning Principles in Marketing Journal of Marketing [1982]
5. Gordon R. Foxall Radical Behaviourism and Consumer Research: Theoretical Promise and Empirical Problems International Journal of Research in Marketing [1988]
6. Gordon R. Foxall Consumer Theory: Some Contributions of a Behavioral Analysis of Choice Management Bibliographies and Reviews [1986]
Part 2: Patterns of Consumer Choice
7. Mark Uncles, Andrew Ehrenberg and Kathy Hammond Patterns of Buyer Behavior: Regularities, Models, and Extensions Marketing Science [1995]
8. Andrew S. C. Ehrenberg, Gerald J. Goodhardt and Patrick Barwise Double Jeopardy Revisited Journal of Marketing [1990]
9. Gerald J. Goodhardt, Andrew S. C. Ehrenberg and Christopher Chatfield The Dirichlet: A Comprehensive Model of Buying Behaviour Journal of the Royal Statistical Society [1984]
10. Andrew S.C. Ehrenberg New Brands and the Existing Market Journal of the Market Research Society
11. Andrew S. C. Ehrenberg, Kathy Hammond and Gerald J. Goodhardt The After-Effects of Price-Related Consumer Promotions Journal of Advertising Research [1994]
12. Andrew S. C. Ehrenberg Pricing and Brand Differentiation Singapore Marketing Review
13. Mark Uncles and Andrew S. C. Ehrenberg The Buying of Packaged Goods at US Retail Chains Journal of Retailing [1990]
14. Byron Sharp and Anne Sharp Loyalty Programs and Their Impact on Repeat-Purchase Loyalty Patterns International Journal of Research in Marketing [1997]
15. A. S. C. Ehrenberg and L. R. England Generalising a Pricing Effect Journal of Industrial Economics [1990]
16. F. Dall'Olmo Riley, A. S. C. Ehrenberg, S. B Castleberry, T. P. Barwise and N. R. Barnard The Variability of Attitudinal Repeat-Rates International Journal of Research in Marketing [1997]
17. A. S. C. Ehrenberg Empirical Generalizations, Theory, and Method Marketing Science [1995]
Part 3: Cognitive Decision Making
18. Richard W. Olshavsky and Donald H. Granbois Consumer Decision Making - Fact or Fiction? Journal of Consumer Research [1979]
Volume II: The Behavioural Economics of Consumption
Part 1: Behavioural Economics, Matching and Maximization
19. Steven R. Hursh Behavioural Economics Journal of the Experimental Analysis of Behavior [1984]
20. Stephen E. G. Lea The Psychology and Economics of Demand Psychological Bulletin [1978]
21. John H. Kagel Economics According to the Rats (and Pigeons too): What Have We Learned and What Can We Hope to Learn? Laboratory Experimentation in Economics: Six Points of View [1987]
22. Richard J. Herrnstein On the Law of Effect Journal of the Experimental Analysis of Behavior [1970]
23. William M. Baum Matching, Undermatching, and Overmatching in Studies of Choice Journal of the Experimental Analysis of Behavior [1979]
24. William M. Baum Optimization and the Matching Law as Accounts of Instrumental Behavior Journal of the Experimental Analysis of Behavior [1981]
25. Leonard Green and Debra E. Freed The Substitutability of Reinforcers Journal of the Experimental Analysis of Behavior [1993]
26. Gordon R. Foxall The Substitutability of Brands Managerial and Decision Economics [1999]
27. Richard J. Herrnstein Rational Choice Theory: Necessary but not Sufficient American Psychologist [1990]
28. David W. Pierce and W. Frank Epling Choice, Matching, and Human Behavior: A Review of the Literature The Behavior Analyst [1983]
Part 2: Token Economies and Social Marketing
29. John H. Kagel Token Economics and Experimental Economics Journal of Political Economy [1972]
30. David G. Tarr Experiments in Token Economies: A review of the Evidence Relating to Assumptions and Implications of Economic Theory Southern Economic Journal [1976]
31. David G. Tarr The Token Economy: A Decade Later Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis [1983]
32. Raymond C. Battalio, John H. Kagel, Robin C. Winkler, Edwin B. Fisher, Jr., Robert L. Basmann and Leonard Krasner An Experimental Investigation of Consumer Behavior in a Controlled Environment Journal of Consumer Research [1974]
33. Robin C. Winkler and Richard A. Winett Behavioural Interventions in Resource Conservation: A Systems Approach Based on Behavioural Economics American Psychologist [1982]
34. John D. Cone and Stephen C. Hayes Applied Behavior Analysis and the Solution of Environmental Problems Human Behavior and Environment: Vol. 2, Advances in Theory and Research [1977]
35. E. Scott Geller Applied Behavior Analysis and Social Marketing: An Integration for Environmental Preservation Journal of Social Issues [1989]
Part 3: Behavioural Decision Making
36. Edmund Fantino Behavior Analysis and Decision Making Journal of the Experimental Analysis of Behavior [1998]
37. Hugh M. Lacey and Howard Rachlin Behavior, Cognition and Theories of Choice Behaviorism [1978]
Volume III: Marketing In Behavioural Perspective
Part 1: Theory and Interpretation
38. Gordon R. Foxall The Contextual Stance Philosophical Psychology [1999]
39. Gordon R. Foxall Radical Behaviorist Interpretation: Generating and Evaluating an Account of Consumer Behavior The Behavior Analyst [1998]
40. Gordon R. Foxall The Marketing Firm Journal of Economic Psychology [1999]
Part 2: Classical Conditioning Research
41. Gerald J. Gorn The Effects of Music in Advertising on Choice Behavior: A Classical Conditioning Approach Journal of Marketing [1982]
42. James J. Kellaris and Anthony D. Cox The Effects of Background Music in Advertising: A Reassessment Journal of Consumer Research [1989]
43. Frances K. McSweeney and Calvin Bierley Recent Developments in Classical Conditioning Journal of Consumer Research [1984]
44. Calvin Bierley, Frances McSweeney and Renee Vannieuwkerk Classical Conditioning of Preferences for Stimuli Journal of Consumer Research [1985]
45. Chris T. Allen and Thomas J. Madden A Closer Look at Classical Conditioning Journal of Consumer Research [1985]
46. Richard A. Feinberg Credit Cards as Spending Facilitating Stimuli: A Conditioning Interpretation Journal of Consumer Research [1986]
47. Elnora W. Stuart, Terrence A. Shimp and Randall W. Engle Classical Conditioning of Consumer Attitudes: Four Experiments in an Advertising Context Journal of Consumer Research [1987]
48. Terrence A. Shimp, Elnora W. Stuart and Randall W. Engle A Program of Classical Conditioning Experiments Testing Variations in the Conditioned Stimulus and Context Journal of Consumer Research [1991]
Part 3: Operant Research
49. Amy K. Rajala and Donald A. Hantula Towards a Behavioural Ecology of Consumption: Delay-Reduction Effects on Foraging in a Simulated Internet Market Managerial and Decision Economics [2001]
50. Dermot Barnes-Holmes, Yvonne Barnes-Holmes and Paul M. Smeets A Derived Transfer of Emotive Functions as a Means of Establishing Differential Preferences for Soft Drinks The Psychological Record
51. Brandon F. Greene, Mark Rouse, Richard B. Green and Connie Clay Behavior Analysis in Consumer Affairs: Retail and Consumer Response to Publicizing Food Price Information Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis [1984]
52. Brandon F. Greene and Mark D. Neistat Behavior Analysis in Consumer Affairs: Encouraging Dental Professionals to Provide Consumers with Shielding from Unnecessary X-Ray exposure Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis
53. Charles R. Crowell, D. Chris Anderson, Dawn M. Abel and Joseph P. Sergio Task Clarification, Performance Feedback, and Social Praise: Procedures for Improving the Customer Service of Bank Tellers Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis
54. John H. Kunkel and Leonard L. Berry A Behavioural Conception of Retail Image Journal of Marketing [1968]
55. Leonard L. Berry The Components of Department Store Image: A Theoretical and Empirical Analysis Journal of Retailing [1969]
56. Leonard, L. Berry Banking, Marketing and the Image Concept Arizona Business Bulletin [1968]
57. Gordon R. Foxall and Gordon E. Greenley Predicting and Explaining Responses to Consumer Environments: An Empirical Test and Theoretical Extension of the Behavioural Perspective Model Service Industries Journal [2000]
Part 4: Marketing Decision Making
58. Richard F. Rakos Propaganda as Stimulus Control: The Case of the Iraqi Invasion of Kuwait Behavior and Social Issues [1993]
59. Gordon R. Foxall Social Marketing for Environmental Conservation Perspectives on Marketing Management [1994]

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