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The Social Transformation of American Medicine

Опубликовано на портале: 08-09-2006
New York: Basic Books, 1982
The author examines the evolution of the practice and the culture of medicine in the United States from the end of the colonial period into the last quarter of the twentieth century. His major concerns are with the development of authority, and the Janus image of professionalization as medicine has gained power, technical expertise, and effective modes of diagnosis and treatment and at the same time seems to be getting further from the patient.


Book I. A Sovereign Profession: The Rise of Medical Authority and the Shaping of the Medical System

  • Introduction: The Social Origins of Professional Sovereignty
  • Chapter 1: Medicine in a Democratic Culture 1760-1850
  • Chapter 2: The Expansion of the Market
  • Chapter 3: The Consolidation of Professional Authority 1850-1930
  • Chapter 4: The Reconstitution of the Hospital
  • Chapter 5: The Boundaries of Public Health
  • Chapter 6: Escape from the Corporation 1900-1930

Book II. The Struggle for Medial Care: Doctors, the State, and the Coming of the Corporation

  • Chapter 1: The Mirage of Reform
  • Chapter 2: The Triumph of Accommodation
  • Chapter 3: The Liberal Years
  • Chapter 4: The Coming of the Corporation

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