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Medicine in society: historical essays

Опубликовано на портале: 07-09-2006
Ред.: Andrew Wear
Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1992
Тематический раздел:
The social history of medicine over the past fifteen years has redrawn the boundaries of medical history. Specialized papers and monographs have contributed to our knowledge of how medicine has affected society and how society has shaped medicine. This book synthesizes, through a series of essays, some of the most significant findings of this "new social history" of medicine. The period covered ranges from ancient Greece to the present time. While coverage is not exhaustive, the reader is able to trace how medicine in the West developed from an unlicensed open market place, with many different types of practitioners in the classical period, to the nineteenth- and twentieth-century professionalized medicine of State influence, of hospitals, public health medicine, and scientific medicine. The book also covers innovative topics such as patient-doctor relationships, the history of the asylum, and the demographic background to the history of medicine.

List of contributors
  • Introduction (Andrew Wear)
  • Healers in the medical market place: towards a social history of Greco-Roman medicine (Vivian Nutton)
  • Medicine and society in medieval Europe, 500-1500 (Katherine Park)
  • The patient in England, c. 1660-c.1800 (Roy Porter)
  • Making sense of health and the environment in early modern England (Andrew Wear)
  • Medicine in the Age of Enlightenment (Guenter B. Risse)
  • The rise of the modern hospital in Britain (Lindsay Granshaw)
  • Medical practioners 1750-1850 and the period of medical reform in Britain (Irvine London)
  • Public health, preventive medicine and professionalization: England and America in the nineteenth century (Elizabeth Fee and Dorothy Porter)
  • Madness and its institutions (Roy Porter)
  • From infections to chronic diseases: changing patterns of sickness in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries (Paul Weindling)
  • Providers, “consumers”, the state and the delivery of health-care services in twentieth-century Britain (Jane Lewis)
  • The implications of increased life expectancy for family and social life (Arthur E. Imhof)


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