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Steal These Ideas!: Marketing Secrets That Will Make You a Star

Опубликовано на портале: 19-04-2007
New York: Bloomberg Press, 2005, 204 с.
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Working with and at leading companies including American Express, Epsilon, Apple, Fidelity, and Citigroup -- with notable political and not-for-profit campaigns along the way -- Steve Cone has the hard-earned and high-level experience that translates into valuable, tested insights on what really works in marketing.
With the candor and freshness you'd expect from a close and experienced friend, he delivers hundreds of insights in a quick, no-nonsense and witty manner on all facets of marketing and advertising of real value to businesses and organization of all sizes

  1. Three Hidden Ingredients in Every Winning Marketing Campaign
  2. In Simple Language: What Is a Brand? What

    Makes It Successful? How Do You Manage It?

  3. How to Create a Unique Selling Proposition
  4. Create, or Hire, or Beg, to Build a Memorable, Distinctive Personality for Your Business
  5. You Have to Be Able to See It to Read It
  6. Brochures Kill Trees: Make the Trees That

    Die for You Count

  7. Everlasting Tag lines
  8. Think Globally, Act Locally...to a Point
  9. Integration Wins Wars and the

    Mind of the Consumer

  10. Location, Location, Location: Get the

    Most from Your Media Dollars

  11. No One Ever Bought Anything from an

    English Professor

  12. The Three Most Important Customer Lessons

    You Will Ever Learn

  13. The Art of Building Effective Loyalty Programs
  14. Surprise! We're All Getting Older
  15. The Big Breakthrough Idea: Where Does It

    Come From?

  16. The Web: Hype and Hope
  17. The Power of Public Relations and Sponsorships
  18. Politics and Promotion
  19. In the Spotlight
  20. Confucius and Stardom
  21. How to Make the Most of Your Advertising


  22. The Ten Secrets You Really Need to Steal
  23. Being All That We Can Be