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Gender Relations in Public and Private: New Research Perspectives

Опубликовано на портале: 27-11-2006
Изд-во: Palgrave Macmillan, 1996, 288 с.
This collection of papers from the 1993 BSA `Research Imaginations' conference explores the interpenetration of the public and private spheres. The book comprises two sections, one dealing with aspects of employment and finance, the other with domesticity and intimacy. Topics covered include the changing emotional geography of workplace and home, the gendering of aspects of employment and organisation, marital finance and gendered inheritance, the management of food and domestic labour, researching the emotions, and understanding intimate violence.

Notes on the Contributors
- Acknowledgements


- Getting Home: An Old Workplace to Fit a New Workforce; A.R.Hochschild
- Gender and Office Holding in Trade Unions; E.Lawrence
- The Gendering of Marketing Activities: An Example from the Computer Industry; L.Chalmers
- Strategy, Sexuality and the Stratosphere: Airlines and the Gendering of Organisations; A.J.Mills
- Income Dependency within Couples; C.Ward, H.Joshi & A.Dale
- Gender Inheritance and Women as Testators; J.Finch & L.Hayes


- Can We Research the Private Sphere? Methodological and Ethical Problems in the Study of The Role of Intimate Emotions in Personal Relationships; J.Duncombe & D.Marsden
- Encouraging Voices: Towards more Creative Methods for Collecting Data on Gender and Household Labour; A.Doucet
- Researching Value-loaded Issues: The Management of Food in Households; K.Purcell
- Researching Domestic Violence: North London Domestic Violence Survey; J.Mooney
- Masculinity, Emotion and Sexual Violence; P.Fuller
- The Impact of Political Conflict on Domestic Violence in Northern Ireland; J.McKiernan & M.McWilliams
- Index