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Strategic Advertising Management

Опубликовано на портале: 19-04-2007
New York: Oxford University Press, 2005, 364 с.
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The second edition of Percy and Elliott's Strategic Advertising Management continues to deal with advertising from a strategic rather than simply a descriptive standpoint and covers all the main topics on an advertising management module. The authors look first at what advertising is meant to do and then go on to provide an understanding of what is necessary in the development of effective advertising and promotion. The text has been fully updated and revised to now include expanded chapter introductions, explicit chapter objectives and learning outcomes, as well as additional important readings to supplement each chapter. The chapters on 'Communication Strategy' and 'Processing the Message' have been significantly expanded with recent leading-edge thinking, as well as new material on Integrated Marketing Communications in the final chapter. The authors use numerous examples of successful advertising images and a number of extended case histories to illustrate the application of the various theories discussed. COMPANION WEB SITE: Accompanying the new edition will be a comprehensive companion web site containing, for lecturers: PowerPoint slides and questions and exercises to test students; and for students: links to IPA case histories, web links, references to further reading, and questions and exercises

PART ONE Overview of Advertising and Promotion

  • What are Advertising and Promotion?
  • Perspectives on Advertising

    PART TWO Planning Considerations

  • What it Takes for Successful Advertising and Promotion
  • The Strategic Planning Process

    PART THREE Developing the Strategic Plan

  • 5 Selecting the Target Audience
  • Understanding Target Audience Decision Making
  • Determining the Best Positioning
  • Developing a Communication Strategy
  • Setting a Media Strategy

    PART FOUR Making it Work

  • Processing the Message
  • Creative Tactics
  • Creative Execution

    PART FIVE Integrating Advertising and Promotion

  • Promotion Tactics
  • Putting it All Together


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