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The complex and conflicting demands that society makes on the countryside have led to an increasingly strategic approach to its management. This important new work evaluates the key challenges facing managers and policy-makers in the contemporary British countryside and critically examines a range of strategies for making the most of our natural heritage

  • What is the Countryside?
  • The Land Resource
  • The Policy Machine
  • Organisations and Management
  • Planning for the Future
  • Managing Information in the Countryside
  • Accounting for the Countryside
  • Financing the Countryside
  • Allocating Funds
  • Assessing the Impacts of Development
  • Country Sports and other Private Goods
  • Public Goods and Property Rights
  • Protecting the Countryside
  • Incentives for Countryside Management
  • Managing Access to the Countryside
  • The demand for Countryside Recreation
  • Visitor Management
  • The Future for Strategic Countryside Management
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