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Strategic Human Resource Management: A Guide to Action

Опубликовано на портале: 19-04-2007
Philadelphia.: Kogan Page, 2006, 208 с.
Strategic human resource management has been taken up by academics, consultants and practitioners alike. However, the integration of human resource strategy with overall business strategy is often easier in theory than in practice. Strategic Human Resource Management provides a bridge between theory and practice and offers a guide to both formulating human resource strategies and implementing them. This new edition has been fully updated and revised to incorporate the latest thinking, research and practice in this important field


Part 1: The framework of strategic human resource management

  • Human resource management
  • Strategy: concept and process
  • Strategic human resource management: concept and process
  • HR strategies

    Part 2: Strategic human resource management in action

  • Formulating and implementing HR strategies
  • Improving business performance through strategic HRM
  • Roles in strategic HRM

    Part 3: HR strategies

  • Strategies for improving organizational effectiveness
  • Resourcing strategy
  • Learning and development
  • Strategies for managing performance
  • Reward strategy
  • Employee relations strategy

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