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Biosocial Perspectives on the Family

Опубликовано на портале: 27-11-2006
USA: Sage Publications, 1988, 208 с.
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New theoretical models conceptualize families as systems affected by, and effecting change in, reciprocal influences among social, behavioral, and biological processes. Technological breakthroughs make noninvasive assessment of many biological processes available to family researchers. These theoretical and measurement advances have resulted in significant increases in research on family processes and relationships that integrate knowledge from the fields of behavioral endocrinology, behavior genetics, and, to a lesser degree, evolutionary psychology. This review covers a broad spectrum, including the topics of parenthood, early child development, adolescent and middle child development, parent-child relations, courtship and mate selection, and the quality and stability of marital and intimate relations. Our intention is to introduce, by example, the relevance of the biosocial approach, encourage family researchers to consider the application of these ideas to their interests, and increase the participation of family researchers in the next generation of studies.


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The feasibility of an integration. Gary R. Lee.

Sociobiology and the family: A focus on the interplay between social science and biology. Becky Heath Ladewig, Stephen J. Thoma and John H. Scanzoni.

Sociobiology and the family: Promise versus product. Kay Michael Troost.

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