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Participation and Democracy at Work

Опубликовано на портале: 21-12-2006
New-York - London: Palgrave, 2005, cерия "Critical Perspectives on Work and Organisations series", 272 с.
Employee participation is a dynamic and contested area of organisational behaviour, attracting continuing academic, practitioner and policy interest and debate. This book will bring together a fresh, critical and comparative perspective on the full range of participation practices, drawing on the work of leading scholars in the field. It is inteded to honour the work of Harvie Ramsay, who died tragically in 2001 and who was a pioneering writer on participation and democracy in this field.


The Paradoxes of Participation; B.Harley, J.Hyman & P.Thompson

Employee Involvement: Patterns and Explanations; M.Marchington

Hope or Hype? High Performance Work Systems; B.Harley

In the Name of Customer Service: Service Work and Participation; A.Sturdy & M.Korczynski

Teamworking: Partial Participation; J.Benders

Trojan Horses or Paper Tigers? Assessing the Significance of European Works Councils; M.Hall & P.Marginson

Employee Share Ownership, Employment Relations and Corporate Governance; A.Pendleton

Promoting Workplace Development: Lessons for UK Policy from Nordic Approaches to Job Redesign and

Quality of Working Life; J.Payne & E.Keep

Theorising the State and Economic Democracy; P.Boreham & R.Hall

You've Got to Admit it's Getting Better: Organised Labour and Internationalisation; N.Haworth

New Uniion Strategies and Forms of Work Organisation in UK Manufacturing; A.Danford

Organisational Participation and Women: An Attitude Problem?; D.Scholarios & H.Ramsay