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Programming Visual Basic .NET, Second Edition

Опубликовано на портале: 14-11-2006
Изд-во: O'Reilly Media, 2003, 558 с.
Programming Visual Basic .NET, Second Edition is the complete guide to application development using Visual Basic .NET. Thorough, entertaining, and easy to follow, this book provides a comprehensive and detailed overview of the language, object-oriented programming, and the .NET Framework, and goes even further--you'll learn how to create Windows and Web applications, as well as Web services.


Part I. The Visual Basic .NET Language

1. Visual Basic .NET and the .NET Framework

     Visual Basic and .NET

     The .NET Platform

     The .NET Framework

     Compilation and the MSIL

     The VB.NET Language

2. Getting Started: "Hello World"

     Examining Your First Program

     Writing and Building Your Programs

     Using the VS.NET Debugger

3. Language Fundamentals

     VB.NET Versus VB6

     VB.NET Types


     Variables and Constants




     Iteration (Looping) Statements


     Logical Operators Within Conditionals

4. Object-Oriented Programming

     Creating Models

     Classes and Objects

     Class Relationships

     The Three Pillars of Object-Oriented Programming

     Object-Oriented Analysis and Design

5. Classes and Objects

     Defining Classes

     Method Arguments



     Copy Constructors

     The Me Keyword

     Using Shared Members

     Destroying Objects

     Overloading Methods and Constructors

     Encapsulating Data with Properties

     Passing Parameters by Value and by Reference

6. Inheritance and Polymorphism

     Specialization and Generalization



     Abstract Methods and Classes

     NotInheritable Classes

     The Root of All Classes: Object

     Boxing and Unboxing Types

     Nested Classes

7. Structures

     Defining a Structure

     Calling the Default Constructor

     Creating Structures Without New

8. Interfaces

     Defining an Interface

     Implementing an Interface

     Implementing More Than One Interface

     Casting to an Interface

     Extending Interfaces

     Combining Interfaces

     Overriding Interface Implementations

9. Arrays, Indexers, and Collections


     Multidimensional Arrays


     Indexers and the Default Property

     The Collection Interfaces: IEnumerable

     .NET Collection Types: Beyond Array

     Copying from a Collection Type to an Array

10. Strings

     Creating Strings

     Manipulating Strings

     Regular Expressions

     The Regex Class

11. Exceptions

     Throwing and Catching Exceptions

     Rethrowing Exceptions

12. Delegates and Events



     Delegates and Callback Mechanisms


Part II. Programming with VB.NET

13. Building Windows Applications

     Creating a Simple Windows Form

     Creating a Windows Forms Application

     Deploying an Application

14. Accessing Data with ADO.NET

     Relational Databases and SQL

     The ADO.NET Object Model

     Getting Started with ADO.NET

     Using ADO Managed Providers

     Working with Data-Bound Controls

     Changing Database Records

     ADO.NET and XML

15. Building Web Applications with Web Forms

     Understanding Web Forms

     Creating a Web Form

     Adding Controls

     Data Binding

     Responding to Postback Events

16. Programming Web Services

     SOAP, WSDL, and Discovery

     Building a Web Service

     Creating the Proxy

Part III. VB.NET and the .NET CLR

17. Assemblies and Versioning

     PE Files


     Security Boundary



     Multi-Module Assemblies

     Private Assemblies

     Shared Assemblies

18. Attributes and Reflection



19. Marshaling and Remoting

     Application Domains



20. Threads and Synchronization



     Race Conditions and Deadlocks


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