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Learning PHP 5

Опубликовано на портале: 14-11-2006
Изд-во: O'Reilly Media, 2004, 368 с.
Learning PHP 5 is the ideal tutorial for graphic designers, bloggers, and other web crafters who want a thorough but non-intimidating way to understand the code that makes web sites dynamic. The book begins with an introduction to PHP, then moves to more advanced features: language basics, arrays and functions, web forms, connecting to databases, and much more. Complete with exercises to make sure the lessons stick, this book offers the ideal classroom learning experience whether you're in a classroom or on your own.


1. Orientation and First Steps

     PHP's Place in the Web World

     What's So Great About PHP?

     PHP in Action

     Basic Rules of PHP Programs

     Chapter Summary

2. Working with Text and Numbers




     Chapter Summary


3. Making Decisions and Repeating Yourself

     Understanding true and false

     Making Decisions

     Building Complicated Decisions

     Repeating Yourself

     Chapter Summary


4. Working with Arrays

     Array Basics

     Looping Through Arrays

     Modifying Arrays

     Sorting Arrays

     Using Multidimensional Arrays

     Chapter Summary


5. Functions

     Declaring and Calling Functions

     Passing Arguments to Functions

     Returning Values from Functions

     Understanding Variable Scope

     Chapter Summary


6. Making Web Forms

     Accessing Form Parameters

     Form Processing with Functions

     Validating Data

     Displaying Default Values

     Putting It All Together

     Chapter Summary


7. Storing Information with Databases

     Organizing Data in a Database

     Connecting to a Database Program

     Creating a Table

     Putting Data into the Database

     Inserting Form Data Safely

     Generating Unique IDs

     A Complete Data Insertion Form

     Retrieving Data from the Database

     Changing the Format of Retrieved Rows

     Retrieving Form Data Safely

     A Complete Data Retrieval Form

     MySQL Without PEAR DB

     Chapter Summary


8. Remembering Users with Cookies and Sessions

     Working with Cookies

     Activating Sessions

     Storing and Retrieving Information

     Configuring Sessions

     Login and User Identification

     Why setcookie(  ) and session_start(  ) Want to Be at the Top of the Page

     Chapter Summary


9. Handling Dates and Times

     Displaying the Date or Time

     Parsing a Date or Time

     Dates and Times in Forms

     Displaying a Calendar

     Chapter Summary


10. Working with Files

     Understanding File Permissions

     Reading and Writing Entire Files

     Reading and Writing Parts of Files

     Working with CSV Files

     Inspecting File Permissions

     Checking for Errors

     Sanitizing Externally Supplied Filenames

     Chapter Summary


11. Parsing and Generating XML

     Parsing an XML Document

     Generating an XML Document

     Chapter Summary


12. Debugging

     Controlling Where Errors Appear

     Fixing Parse Errors

     Inspecting Program Data

     Fixing Database Errors

     Chapter Summary


13. What Else Can You Do with PHP?




     Browser-Specific Code

     Sending and Receiving Mail

     Uploading Files in Forms

     The HTML_QuickForm Form-Handling Framework

     Classes and Objects

     Advanced XML Processing


     Running Shell Commands

     Advanced Math


     Talking to Other Languages

     IMAP, POP3, and NNTP

     Command-Line PHP


     Even More Things You Can Do with PHP

A. Installing and Configuring the PHP Interpreter

B. Regular Expression Basics

C. Answers To Exercises


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