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Опубликовано на портале: 15-11-2006
Изд-во: O'Reilly Media, 2003, 472 с.
.NET & XML provides an in-depth, concentrated tutorial for intermediate to advanced-level developers. Additionally, it includes a complete reference to the XML-related namespaces within the .NET Framework. XML is an extremely flexible technology, and Microsoft has implemented most of the tools programmers need to use it very extensively. .NET & XML aims to help you understand the intersection between the two technologies for maximum effectiveness.


Part I. Processing XML with .NET

1. Introduction to .NET and XML
     The .NET Framework
     The XML Family of Standards
     Introduction to XML in .NET
     Key Concepts

2. Reading XML
     Reading Data

3. Writing XML
     Writing Data
     XmlWriter and Its Subclasses

4. Reading and Writing Non-XML Formats
     Reading Non-XML Documents with XmlReader
     Writing an XmlPyxWriter

5. Manipulating XML with DOM
     What Is the DOM?
     The .NET DOM Implementation

6. Navigating XML with XPath
     What Is XPath?
     Using XPath

7. Transforming XML with XSLT
     The Standards
     Introducing XSLT
     Using XSLT

8. Constraining XML with Schemas
     Introducing W3C XML Schema
     Using the XSD Tool
     Working with Schemas

9. SOAP and XML Serialization
     Defining Serialization
     Runtime Serialization
     XML Serialization
     SOAP Serialization

10. XML and Web Services
     Defining Web Services
     Using Web Services

11. XML and Databases
     Introduction to ADO.NET
     Manipulating Data Offline
     Reading XML from a Database
     Hierarchical XML

Part II. .NET XML Namespace Reference

12. How to Use These Quick Reference Chapters
     Finding a Quick-Reference Entry
     Reading a Quick-Reference Entry

13. The Microsoft.XmlDiffPatch Namespace
     Using the XmlDiffPatch Namespace
     Using the XmlDiff and XmlPatch Executables
     Microsoft.XmlDiffPatch Namespace Reference

14. The Microsoft.XsdInference Namespace
     Using the XsdInference Namespace
     Using the Infer Executable
     Microsoft.XsdInference Namespace Reference

15. The System.Configuration Namespace
     The Configuration Files
     Adding Your Own Configuration Settings
     System.Configuration Namespace Reference

16. The System.Xml Namespace

17. The System.Xml.Schema Namespace

18. The System.Xml.Serialization Namespace

19. The System.Xml.XPath Namespace

20. The System.Xml.Xsl Namespace

Type, Method, Property, and Field Index


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