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Cities and Citizenship

Опубликовано на портале: 23-11-2006
Изд-во: Duke University Press, 1999, 272 с.
"Cities and Citizenship" is a prize-winning collection of essays that considers the importance of cities in the making of modern citizens. For most of the modern era the nation and not the city has been the principal domain of citizenship. This volume demonstrates, however, that cities are especially salient sites for examining the current renegotiations of citizenship, democracy, and national belonging. Just as relations between nations themselves are changing in this current phase of global capitalism, so too are relations between nations and cities. Written by internationally prominent scholars, the essays in "Cities and Citizenship" propose that "place" remains fundamental to these changes and that cities are crucial places for the development of new alignments of local and global identity. Through case studies from Africa, Europe, Latin America, and North America, the volume shows how cities make manifest national and trans-national realignments of citizenship and how they generate new possibilities for democratic politics that transform people as citizens. "Cities and Citizenship" will interest students and scholars of anthropology, geography, sociology, planning, and urban studies, as well as globalisation and political science. The contributors include: Arjun Appadurai, Etienne Balibar, Thomas Bender, Teresa P. R. Caldeira, Mamadou Diouf, Dilip Parameshwar Gaonkar, James Holston, Marco Jacquemet, Christopher Kamrath, Cristiano Mascaro, Saskia Sassen, Michael Watts, and Michel Wieviorka.

- Cities and Citizenship
- Part One Cities and the Making of Citizens
- Intellectuals, Cities, and Citizenship in the United States: the 1890s and 1990s
- Urban Youth and Senegalese Politics: Daka 1988-1994
- Islamic Modernities? Citizenship, Civil Society, and Islamism in a Nigerian City
- São Paulo
- Fortified Enclaves: the New Urban Segregation
- Geneology: Lincoln Staffens on New York
- Spaces of Insurgent Citizenship
- Part Two · Cities and Transnational Formations
- Whose City is It? Globalization and the Formation of New Claims
- Is European Citizenship Possible?
- Violence, Culture, and Democracy: a European Perspective
- From the Atlas to the Alps: Chronicle of a Moroccan Migration
- Contributors
- Index

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