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Urbanization in History: A Process of Dynamic Interactions

Опубликовано на портале: 24-11-2006
Изд-во: Claredon Press, 1995, 371 с.

1 Introduction The Hierarchies, Provisioning, and Demographic Patterns of Cities
2 Types of City-Size Distributions A Comparative Analysis
3 Problems in the Measurement, Description, and Analysis of Historical Urbanization
4 East Asian Urbanization in the Nineteenth Century Comparisons with Europe
5 Patterns of Settlement and Political Changes The French Revolution and the National Urban Hierarchy
6 The German Urban Network between the Sixteenth and Eighteenth Centuries Cultural and Demographic Indicators
7 Brake or Accelerator? Urban Growth and Population Growth before the Industrial Revolution
8 Agricultural Productivity, Trade, and Urban Growth during the Phase of Commercialization of the Swedish Economy, 1810-1870
9 The Impact of Crop Yields, Agricultural Productivity, and Transport Costs on Urban Growth between 1800 and 1910
10 Migration into and out of the Danish City of Odense
11 Mobility and Migration in Pre-industrial Urban Areas The Case of Nineteenth-Century Cuenca
12 Migration, Wages, and Urbanization in Sweden in the Nineteenth Century
13 The Changing Structure of Urban Employment and its Effects on Migration Patterns in Eighteenth- and Nineteenth- Century Japan
14 Migration, Family Formation, and Choice of Marriage Partners in Stockholm, 1860-1890
15 Aspects of Fertility Decline in an Urban Setting: Rouen and Geneva
16 Innovators and Imitators in the Practice of Contraception in Town and Country
17 Urbanization and Demographic Behaviour in Spain, 1860-1930
18 Economic and Demographic Implications of Working-Class Housing in Early Victorian Leeds
19 Demographic Aspects of Urbanization in the Lower Yangzi Region of China, c. 1500- 1900
20 The City Agent or Product of Urbanization

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