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The Hieroglyphics of Space: Understanding the City

Опубликовано на портале: 24-11-2006
Изд-во: Routledge, 2006, 224 с.
This collection offers contributions from eminent theorists across visual culture, architecture, sociology, art, philosophy, and American studies--including Andrew Benjamin, Barry Curtis, Neil Leach, Steven Pile, and David Frisby. Part One covers reading the city as a visual text; Part Two discusses treating the city as a space to be experienced. The enticing range of topic and city focus will attract readers worldwide: Venice, Vienna, London, Rome, New York, Berlin, Bucharest, Tokyo, Paris and other cities are treated to a new analysis, viewing the city as a new text through which to read its cultural life.

Neil Leach teaches at the Architectural Association, London, and the University of Bath, where he is Professor of Architectural Theory.
Contributors include:
David Frisby, Jane Rendell, Anna Notaro, Jonathan Hale, Neil Leach, Barry Curtis, Sarah Chaplin, Graeme Gilloch, Adrian Rifkin, Steven Pile, Mirielle Rosello, Andrew Benjamin, Douglas Tallack, Ian Borden, Lieven de Cauter, Natasha Chibivera, Eric Holding, Costin Petcu, Doina Petrescu, Peter Wollen.

Part One: The Legible Metropolis
1. The Metropolis as Text: Otto Wagner and Vienna's 'Second Renaissance'
2. Cognitive Mapping: New York V. Philadelphia
3. Benjamin's London and Baudrillard's Venice

Part Two: The Political Metropolis
4. Resurrecting an Imperial Past: Strategies of Self-Representation and 'Masquerade' in Fascist Rome
5. Airbushed Moscow: The Cathedral of Christ the Saviour.
6. Erasing the Traces: The 'Denazification' of Berlin and Bucharest
7. Reflections on Erasing the Traces: The Denazification' of Post-Apartheid Johannesburg and Pretoria

Part Three: The Gendered Metropolis
8. The Pursuit of Pleasure: London Rambling
9. Reconstructing Ruin: Change in Paris and the Gay as Trace.

Part Four: The Representational Metropolis
10. 'Waiting, Waiting': The Hotel Lobby.
11. Venice - Masking the Real.
12. Benjamin's Moscow, Baudrillard's America
13. Addressing the Post - Urban: Los Angeles, Las Vegas, New York.

Part Five: The Filmic Metropolis
14. The Problem of London, or,How to Explore the Moods of the City
15. Architecture's Playtime, The Pleasures of City Modernism in the Films of Jacques Tati
16. Blade Runner

Part Six: The Economic Metropolis
17. French Bidonvilles in 1960's Paris: Urban and Individual Initiatives
18. Pl(a)ys of Marginality
19. Capsular Civilisation: The City in the Age of Transcendental Capitalism. Media - Polis/Media - City.