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Planning Europe's Capital Cities; Aspects of Nineteenth-Century Urban Development

Опубликовано на портале: 25-11-2006
Spon Press, 1997, 398 с.
During the nineteenth century many of Europe's capital cities were subject to major expansion and improvement schemes. From Vienna's Ringstrasse to the boulevards of Paris, the townscapes which emerged still shape today's cities and are an inalienable part of European cultural heritage.In Planning Europe's Capital Cities, Thomas Hall examines the planning process in fifteen of those cities and addresses the following questions: when and why did planning begin, and what problems was it meant to solve? who developed the projects, and how, and who made the decisions? what urban ideas are expressed in the projects? what were the legal consequences of the plans, and how did they actually affect subsequent urban development in the individual cities? what similarities or differences can be identified between the various schemes? how have such schemes affected the development of urban planning in general?His detailed analysis shows us that the capital city projects of the nineteenth century were central to the evolution of modern planning and of far greater impact and importance than the urban theories and experiments of the Utopians.

Foreword Peter Hall
1. Introduction
2. From Hippodamus to Haussmann: Town Planning in a Historical Perspective

3. Paris 4. London 5. Helsinki 6. Athens 7. Christiania 8. Barcelona 9. Madrid 10. Copenhagen 11. Vienna 12. Berlin 13. Stockholm 14. Brussels 15. Amsterdam 16. Budapest 17. Rome

18. The Background and Motivation for the Plans
19. The Authors of the Plans
20. The Decision Process
21. Content and Purpose of the Plans
22. Elements of the Plans
23. Attitudes to Cityscape
24. Implementation and Results

25. The Role of the Capital City Projects in Planning History
Major Events in Nineteenth-Century Planning
Discussed in the Book
Subject Index
Index of Towns and Cities
Index of Persons
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