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Cities and Society

Опубликовано на портале: 25-11-2006
Изд-во: Blackwell Publishing Company, 2004, cерия "Blackwell Readers in Sociology", 352 с.
This distinctive anthology contains classic and first-rate contemporary writings that have had a major impact on the field of urban sociology and urban studies. The expert and well-known scholars who have written these essays cover central topics that have evolved over the past 25 years. The anthology:- Brings together 20 of the most important classic and contemporary readings on cities and society in one accessible volume;- Offers an international focus, as well as case studies, all by leading experts in the field;- Includes an analytical introduction by the editor;- Provides coverage of current trends, theoretical perspectives, and policy issues;- Features diverse topics such as space, housing, globalization, the economy, and social inequalities.Cities and Society contains the primary sources for the best-known references in other texts, brought together in one comprehensive volume. The essays are edited and introduced by a leading scholar in the field to ensure readability and context, resulting in an ideal resource for students and scholars of urban studies.

Introduction: Contemporary Issues in Urban Sociology

Part I: Recent Theoretical Perspectives on Cities and Society
1 The City as a Growth Machine: Toward a Political Economy of Place
Harvey Molotch
2 Urban Restructuring: A Critical View
John Logan and Todd Swanstrom
3 Space and Status
Daphne Spain
4 Los Angeles and the Chicago School: Invitation to a Debate
Michael Dear
5 Modernity, Post-modernity, and Urban Culture
Mike Savage and Alan Warde

Part II: Globalization and Its Impact on Cities
6 Overview of Global Cities
Saskia Sassen
7 Rural-Urban Interface and Migration
Alan Gilbert and Josef Gugler
8 Community, Ethnicity, and Urban Sociology
Jan Lin
9 The New Urban Reality
Roger Waldinger
10 The Return of the Sweatshop
Edna Bonacich and Richard Appelbaum

Part III: The Changing Urban Economy
11 Understanding Homelessness: From Global to Local
Jennifer Wolch and Michael Dear
12 Markets, Decision-Makers, and the Real Estate Cycle
Susan S. Fainstein
13 Gentrification, Cuisine, and the Critical Infrastructure: Power and Centrality Downtown
Sharon Zukin
14 Gazing on History
John Urry
15 Neo-Bohemia: Art and Neighborhood Redevelopment in Chicago
Richard Lloyd

Part IV: Urban Policy Choices
16 Chaos or Community? Directions for Public Policy
Paul Jargowsky
17 The Missing Link
Douglas Massey and Nancy Denton
18 Fortress L. A.
Mike Davis
19 Economic Inequality and Public Policy: The Power of Place
Todd Swanstrom, Peter Dreier and John Mollenkopf
20 The Challenge of Urban Sprawl
Thad Williamson, David Imbroscio, and Gar Alperovitz