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Metropolis 1890-1940

Опубликовано на портале: 27-11-2006
Изд-во: University of Chicago Press, 1984, 468 с.
An ideal and welcome reference and reader for students of urbanism, Metropolis 1890-1940 examines perceptions of the city during the dramatic urban growth of this period. Metropolis looks at the policies adopted to deal with the new city and at the views of the city expressed in the art, architecture, literature, cinema, music, and ideology of the time. Internationally known experts discuss case studies of London, Paris, Berlin, the Ruhr, New York, Moscow, and Tokyo, and a postscript brings the reader up to date with a survey of postwar urbanism.

The Contributors

Part 1: Introductory
1. Introduction: Urbanization, Planning and the Giant City
Anthony Sutcliffe
2. Metropolis 1890-1940: Challenges and Responses
Peter Hall

Part 2: The Metropolis Portrayed and Understood
3. The Metropolis and the Intellectual
Andrew Lees
4. The Metropolis in the Visual Arts: Paris, Berlin, New York, 1890-1940
Theda Shapiro
5. The Metropolis in Literature
Peter Keating
6. The Metropolis in the Cinema
Anthony Sutcliffe
7. The Metropolis in Music
David Harold Cox and Michael Naslas
8. Metropolis Architecture
Lars Olof Larsson

Part 3: The Metropolis Experienced and Planned
9. West End, East End: London, 1890-1940
Patricia L. Garside
10. Paris, 1890-1940
Norma Evenson
11. Berlin, 1890-1940
Horst Matzerath
12. The Capital of Capitalism: the New York Metropolitan Region, 1890-1940
Kenneth T. Jackson
13. Moscow, the Socialist Metropolis
R. A. French
14. The Ruhr: Centralization versus Decentralization in a Region of Cities
Jürgen Reulecke
15. Metropolitanism as a Way of Life: the Case of Tokyo, 1868-1930
Shun-Ichi J. Wantanabe

Part 4: The Metropolis Moves Forward
16. Postscript: Metropolis 1940-1990
Peter Hall