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Managing Global Legal Systems (Global Human Resource Management)

Опубликовано на портале: 27-04-2007
New-York: Routledge, 2006, 271 с.
Presenting a framework for understanding the corporate strategy-public policy interface as it relates to human resource management (HRM) activities in international business, this text is unlike many others in the field. It incorporates legal issues beyond those traditionally associated with HRM, and uses high profile news events from around the world to illustrate key concepts. Embracing a truly global perspective, it takes an applied approach to the subject, considering labor and employment laws at a truly global level.

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  1. Global Legal Systems and The Employment Relationship
  2. Global Institutions and The Evolution of Employment Regulation
  3. Regional Institutions and The Evolution of Employment Regulation
  4. National Institutions and The Evolution of Employment Regulation
  5. The State and Industrial Relations in Global Perspective
  6. Managing domestic and Transnational Political Behavior
  7. Managing Global Legal Systems for Competitive Advantage Appendices
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