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This book comprehensively analyzes the impact of continuing European integration on industrial relations institutions and outcomes. It organizes an immensely rich body of theoretical and empirical material to sustain its core argument that the governance of industrial relations is increasingly multi-level. Cross-national influences are shown to mix with national ones and involve the European sector and company, as well as Community, levels. Competing tendencies towards 'Europeanization', 'Americanization' and 'Re-nationalization' are identified. The approach is multi-disciplinary and truly cross-national. It deals with both the theory and practice of industrial relations in contemporary Europe.

Introduction: Contested Terrain

The Starting Point: Three Key Dimensions

Multi-Level Governance in the Making: Introducing the Key Processes

Industrial Relations at EU Levels: A Glass Half Full as well as Half Empty

National 'Social Pacts': A Case of 'Re-nationalization' and 'Europeanization'?

National Sector Agreements - The Foundations Under Threat?

The Changing Balance between Sector and Company Bargaining

The Euro-Company: Focal Point for the Europeanization of Industrial Relations?

Wage Developments in a Multi-Level System - A Case of 'Convergence Without Coordination?

Working Time Developments - Towards a New Organization of Work?

'One Europe' and 'Several Europes'? A Review of the Findings


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