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Employment, Trade Union Renewal and the Future of Work. The Experience of Work and Organisational Change

Опубликовано на портале: 20-12-2006
Ред.: Paul Stewart
New-York: Palgrave Macmillan, 2006, cерия "The Future of Work", 304 с.
This book examines the relationship between the experience of employment and changing organizational forms, boundaries and the context of work. It explores a range of critical sociological and political economy processes in the context of workplace restructuring, employment and labour market regulation in the wider community. Of significant importance are the themes of gendered and ethically embedded labour markets for young people, trade union and local activism, gendered identity in management, market turbulence and call centres. The book offers an international perspective that includes chapters based on case work from the UK and Turkey.

Introduction: Globalisation, the Changing Nature of Employment and the Future of Work; P.Stewart

'Striving Under Chaos': The Effects of Market Turbulence and Organisational Flux on Call Centre Work; P.Taylor, G.Gall, P.Bain & C.Baldry

The Production and Reproduction of Trade Union Autocracy in the Turkish Metalworking Industry; T.Nichols & N.Sugur

Changing Professional Identities under New Public Management: A Gendered Perspective; A.Davies & R.Thomas

Seeking the Critical Mass: Quantitative and Qualitative Aspects of the Feminisation of Management in Britain in the 1990s; I.Bruegel

Womens' Employment and the Experience of Local Trade Union Activity; J.Harrington

What About the Workers? Bringing the Experience of Job Insecurity into the Flexibility Debate; H.Conley

Perceptions of Job Insecurity in a Retail Sector Organisation; N.Charles & E.James

Suspicious Minds? Partnership, Trade Union Strategy and the Politics of Contemporary Employment Relations; M.Martínez Lucio & M.Stuart

Strategy, Contracts and Control in Government IT Work; S.Vincent & I.Grugulis

Career Perceptions and Career Pursuit in theUK, 1986-2002; M.Rose

Young Adults' Experience Of Work In The 'New Economy: Initial Themes from an Explorative Project; H.Bradley, R.Devadason, S.Fenton, W.Guy & J.West

Perceptions of Job Insecurity in a Retail Sector Organisation; N.Charles & E.James