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Work-Life Balance in the 21st Century

Опубликовано на портале: 20-12-2006
Ред.: Diane Houston
New-York: Palgrave Macmillan, 2005, cерия "The Future of Work", 288 с.
As we begin the twenty-first century, UK employees work the longest hours in Europe. Workplace stress and home responsibilities are among the top five causes of absence from work. Yet work-life balance has emerged as a key concern for employers, policy makers and the media. This edited volume contains findings from 14 research projects within the ESRC's Future of Work Programme. The research examines the notion of employment flexibility and the effects of gender and care responsibilities on work and work performance. Conflicting needs of employers and employees and the gender divisions in work and family life call into question the feasibility of achieving the Government's aim of work-life balance for everyone.

Work-Life Balance in the Twenty First Century; D.M.Houston

Gender and Work-Life Flexibility in the Labour Market; A.Booth & J.Frank

The Cost of a Career in Minutes and Morbidity; M.Rose

Sex Differences in Work-Life Balance Goals; C.Hakim

Working, Caring and Sharing: Work-Life Dilemmas in Early Motherhood; D.M.Houston & G.Marks

Part-Time Employment Among Women with Pre-School Children: Organizational Cultures,

Personal Careers and Sense of Entitlement; M.Sigala

"Daddy, I Don't Like these Shifts You're Working on Because I Never See You": Coping Strategies for Home and Work; J.Hyman, D.Scholarios & C.Baldry

The Future of Work and the Division of Childcare Between Parents; I.Bruegel & A.Gray

Gender, Job Insecurity and the Work-Life Balance; N.Charles & E.James

Workplace Partnership and Work-Life Balance: A Local Government Case Study; S.Tailby, M.Richardson, A.Danford, P.Stewart & M.Upchurch

Multiple Burdens: Problems of Work-Life Balance for Ethnic Minority Trade Union Activist Women; H.Bradley, G.Healy & N.Mukherjee

Combining Family and Employment: Evidence from Pakistani and Bangladeshi Women; A.Dale

Care Workers and Work/Life Balance: The Example of Domiciliary Care Workers; C.Ungerson & S.Yeandle