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Perspectives on Work, Employment and Society in Japan

Опубликовано на портале: 20-12-2006
Изд-во: Palgrave Macmillan, 2006, 288 с.
This book presents diverse perspectives on how work and employment are developing in a rapidly changing, contemporary Japan. Using macro- and micro-level data, the authors show both how the Japanese employment system is evolving as well as how the meanings that individual Japanese attach to their work and employment are developing. It is useful to anyone with an interest in work and employment in Japan, from scholars and specialists in HRM and management, to economists, sociologists and anthropologists.

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Notes on Contributors

Introduction: Perspectives on Work and Employment in Japan; P.Matanle & W.Lunsing

The Evolution of the Japanese Employment System in Comparative Perspective; F.Waldenberger

From 'Post-war' to 'Post-bubble': Contemporary Issues for Japanese Working Women; H.Macnaughtan

Beyond Lifetime Employment: Re-fabricating Japan's Employment Culture; P.Matanle

Recent Changes in Compensation Prices in Large Japanese Companies: Wages, Bonuses and Corporate Pensions; H.Conrad & V.Heindorf

Hard Times for the Salaryman: Corporate Restructuring and Middle Managers' Working Lives; L.McCann, J.Hassard & J.Morris

Japanese Engineers Abroad: Challenge and Opportunity in Globalization; K.McCormick

'Freeters': Young Atypical Workers in Japan; Y.Honda

Quitting Companies: Individual Responses to Changing Employment Patterns in Early 2000s Japan; W.Lunsing

Is It Worth Doing?: Highly Educated Housewives' Attitudes towards Work; A.Sasagawa

Filipino Boxers and Hosts in Japan: The Feminization and Transnational Class Subjugation of Male Labour; N.Suzuki

Defining a Second Career: Volunteering among Seniors in Japan; T.Leng Leng