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Work-Life Integration. International Perspectives on the Balancing of Multiple Roles

Опубликовано на портале: 21-12-2006
New-York: Palgrave Macmillan, 2006, 264 с.
The question of work-life balance and the difficulties of managing multiple roles is attracting considerable interest. This international collection broadens the focus of these debates and presents recent research findings that will further stimulate theoretical development and empirical studies. While much previous research has focused on the challenges faced by working mothers, the research presented in this collection introduces perspectives that have not been widely included in previous work in the field, such as the voice of children, the challenges that students face, the role of both employers and unions and how different occupational groups experience work-life balancing strategies.

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Introduction: Work, Life and the Work-Life Issue; B.Blunsdon, P.Blyton, K.Reed & A.Dastmalchian

Work-life Integration and the Changing Context of Work; P.Blyton & A.Dastmalchian

Work-life Balance Policies and Practices in the UK: Views of an HR Practitioner; P.Maybery

Bargaining for Balance: Union Policy on Work-Life Issues in the United Kingdom; E.Heery

State Policy and Work-life Integration: Past, Present and Future Approaches; B.Blunsdon & N.McNeil

Work-Life Balance in Canada: Rhetoric versus Reality; L.Duxbury & C.Higgins

Work-life Balance and Flexible Working Hours: The German Experience; R.Trinczek

Should Mothers Work? An International Comparison of the Effect of Religion on Women's Work and Family Roles; K.Reed & B.Blunsdon

The Childless Working Life; B.Bungum

Adult Working Students and Time Use in Taiwan: The Moderating Effects of Credentialism, Job Stress and Family Stress; H.J.Huang

Improving Services, Balancing Lives? A Multiple Stakeholder Perspective on the Work-Life Balance Discourse; S.Tietze, G.Musson & T.Scurry

Work Patterns and Work-Life Balance Challenges in Canadaian Healthcare; C.Steinke

Commitment, Community and Happiness: A Theoretical Framework for Understanding Lifestyle and Work; C.Goulding & K.Reed

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