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With contributions from leading thinkers such as J. Bhagwati and Robert Solow, this edited collection examines some hotly debated issues in today's world. The significance of globalization and its effects on welfare states is discussed and analyzed. A special chapter is devoted to terrorism, and it is explained why some people are willing to sacrifice their lives to gain 'heavenly goods'. The role of multinationals in the globalization process is examined as is the importance of changing and evolving social norms regarding work and leisure for the survival of today's welfare states.

Globalization and the Welfare State: An Introduction; B.Södersten

The Aftermath of Welfare Reform in the U.S.; R.M.Solow

Coping with Anti-Globalization; J.Bhagwati

Among the Believers: The Emerging Threat to Global Society; M.Lundahl

Multinational Enterprises and Their Effect on Labour Markets; K.Ekholm

The Welfare State as a General Equilibrium System; B.Södersten

What to Make of the Dutch and Danish 'Miracles'?; C.Green-Pedersen

An Essay on Welfare State Dynamics; A.Lindbeck

Employment and Non-Employment: A Study of the Swedish Labour Market; E.Jonasson & L.Pettersson

The Stability of the Globalized Welfare State; C.Kite

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