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Welfare States and the Future

Опубликовано на портале: 21-12-2006
New-York: Palgrave Macmillan, 2005, 416 с.
This volume presents a thought provoking analysis of key welfare state issues engaging policy makers across the globe. It provides a unique and comprehensive evaluation of the state of welfare states- developed and developing. It maps the diversity of welfare regimes across the world and brings to fore the particularities and nuances that characterise them. The book also focuses on the on-going reforms and makes a powerful case for the increased relevance of the welfare state in a globalizing era.

Introduction: Welfare States and the Future; B.Vivekanandan & N.Kurian

Welfare States in Perspective; P.Bose

Economic Foundations of Welfare State Systems; S.K.Das

A World Economy Based on the Welfare State Principle; H.Elsenhans

Globalization and Welfare States; R.Mishra

The British Welfare State: Development and Challenges; T.Burden

The Welfare State System in France; S.Nadal

The Welfare State in Post-war Germany; L.Leisering

The Welfare State in Austria; E.Talos & M.Fink

The Swedish Welfare State and New Challenges; N.Kurian

Political Economy of the Finnish Welfare State; J.Pekkarinen

Challenges Facing the Danish Welfare State; J.H.Petersen

Modernization of the European Model of Social Protection; J.Palme

Recent Welfare Reforms in the United States; A.Gupta

Canada's Changing Welfare State; B.Vivekanandan

Welfare Designs and Peripheral Realities: The Brazilian Dilemma; D.Loundo

South Africa: Reflections on Establishing a Welfare State; A.J.Venter

The Welfare State in Japan and China: Development and Challenges; C.Aspalter

The Welfare State System in India; A.Kumar

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