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Corporate Governance in the US and Europe. Where Are We Now?

Опубликовано на портале: 22-12-2006
New-York: Palgrave Macmillan, 2005, 176 с.
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Corporate Governance in the US and Europe provides a comprehensive and concise overview of the most recent developments in corporate governance. It is based on a recent joint conference arranged by New York University and the London School of Economics, which brought together eminent academics and practitioners, including Michael Jensen in Finance and Martin Lipton in Law, to discuss the stock market boom-and-bust, and the recent corporate scandals. The book is aimed at practitioners, policy makers and academics who have to deal with corporate governance.

Foreword; W.T.Allen

Conference Participants

Corporate Governance in the US and Europe: Where are we Now?; G.Owen, T.Kirchmaier & J.Grant

Agency Costs and Overvalued Equity; M.Jensen

Corporate Governance Systems - How Much Convergence? J.Rickford

Corporate Governance Systems - How Much Convergence? C.Mayer

The State of US Corporate Boards and Governance: What is Right and Wrong? S.N.Kaplan

Boards of Director: The European Perspective; P.Davies

The Role of the Board of Directors; M.Lipton

Institutional Shareholders and Corporate Governance in the US; R.Romano

Institutional Shareholders and Corporate Governance - A UK Perspective; A.R.Goobey

Executive Compensation: Is Europe Catching Up with the US, and Should it Do So? K.J.Muphy

The Question of Executive Pay; B.G.M.Main

UK Compensation Trends; S.O'Hare

The Role of the Corporation in Society; M.Lipton

Corporate Social Responsibility and the Regulation of Markets; D.Henderson

Financial Statement Insurance; J.Ronen

Is there a Major Problem with Corporate Governance in the United States? A.Shleifer

The Importance of Bad News; L.Zingales

Appendices: Evolution and Summary of Corporate Governance Codes

Appendix 1: UK

Appendix 2: US

Appendix 3: Germany

Appendix 4: European Takeover Code



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