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Phases of Capitalist Development. Booms, Crises and Globalizations.

Опубликовано на портале: 25-01-2007
New-York: Palgrave Macmillan, 2001, 368 с.
In this collection authors from eight different countries, representing a wide variety of academic disciplines and theoretical perspectives, investigate the differing phases of capitalist development. They offer diverse and powerful analyses of the postwar boom, economic crises and globalization within this context.


Notes on the Contributors


1. International Relations and Capitalist Discipline; K.van der Pijl

2. The Fortunes and Misfortunes of Post-Fordism; A. Lipietz

3. The Disintegration of Capitalism: A Phase of Ex-Capitalist Transition; J. Bell and T. Sekine

4. Capitalist Development in World Historical Perspective; G.Arright & J.W.Moore

5. Class Struggle and the Global Overaccumulation of Capital; S.Clarke

6. The State, Globalization, and Phases of Capitalist Development; D.M.Kotz

7. Spiral Reversal of Capitalist Development: What Does it Imply for the Twenty-First Century?; M.Itoh

8. Capitalism in the Future Perfect Tense; R.Albritton

9. Periodizing Capitalism: Technology, Institutions, and Relations of Production; G.Duménil & D.Lévy

10. Space, Regulation, and the Capitalist Economy; S. Alnasseri, U. Brand, T. Sablowski and J. Winter

11. Class, Contradiction and the Capitalist Economy; S.Resnick

12. Has the Empire Struck Back?; A.Freeman

13. Imperialist Contradictions at the Threshold of the Third Millennium: A New Phase?; G.Carchedi

14. Periodizing Capitalism and Analysing Imperialism: Classical Marxism and Capitalist Evolution; A.Callinicos

15. Growth and Change in the World Economy Since 1950; J.J.Webber & D.L.Rigby

16. Globalize, Globa-lize, Global Lies: Myth of the World Economy in the 1990s; J.Weeks

17. What Follows Fordism? On the Periodization of Capitalism and its Regulation; B.Jessop

18. Phases of Capitalism and Post-Capitalist Social Change; R.Westra