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What is e-business? How the Internet Transforms Organizations

Опубликовано на портале: 13-03-2007
Blackwell Publishing, 2006, 264 с.
What is e-Business: How the Internet Transforms Organizations provides a thorough and reflective introduction to business strategies and organisational innovations for the Internet world. This much-needed new text gives business and technology students the integrated framework they need to interpret conflicting and rapidly changing business phenomena in the e-arena.Based on over 10 years' experience teaching e-Business modules at both postgraduate and undergraduate levels, Feng Li's textbook takes the reader through the vast range of issues surrounding e-Business. What is e-Business covers key topics such as:- New technologies and new business environment as the context for E-Business- Emerging strategies and business models developed in response to the internet and related technologies- Organizational innovations necessary in order to implement and manage E-Business strategies and E-Business models- The transformation of various industries, from banking, music, retailing, telecoms, to public services- Emerging issues such as privacy, security, identity and online presence, as well as legal, regulatory, social and political issues.Students and teachers alike will welcome this coherent, well-tested text, with its student-friendly case examples, questions and summaries. What is e-Business is supported by online lecturer and student resources, available at www.blackwellpublishing.com/fengli.



1. Introduction

2. What Is E-Business and Does It Still Matter?

Part I: The New E-Business Environment:

3. The 'ICT Revolution' and the Information Economy

4. The Network Economy: New Rules of the Game

5. How the Internet Redefines Organizational Boundaries: A Transaction Cost Analysis

Part II: Emerging Strategies and Business Models in the Network Economy:

6. New Strategies for the Network Economy: Web Strategy, Business Unbundling and Virtual Organizations

7. Managing Disruptive Strategic Innovations in the New Economy

8. Strategic Reorientations in the Network Economy: From Products and Services to Solutions and Experiences

9. Emerging E-Business Models in the Network Economy

Part III: Organizational Innovations through Information and Communications Technologies (ICTs):

10. Structural Innovations and Emerging Forms of Organizations

11. Process Innovations: Beyond Business Process Reengineering

12. New Work Organization and New Ways of Working: From Teleworking to Virtual Teams

13. Inter-Organizational Innovations through Inter-Organizational Information Systems

14. Conclusions and Emerging Issues

Appendix I. Developing a Launch-Ready E-Business Plan: Putting Theory into Practice (Assignment I)

Appendix II. Developing an Online E-Business Resource Portal: Who is Who in E-Business (Assignment 2)

Appendix III. Developing an E-Business Resource Portal and Online Forum: E-Business Wikipedia (Assignment 3)