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Performance Management and Appraisal Systems: HR Tools for Global Competitiveness

Опубликовано на портале: 23-04-2007
New Delhi: Sage Publications, 2004, 330 с.
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This book explores the many facets of performance management and how it works. The author defines performance management as a continuous process which consists of defining, planning, analyzing and developing performance through competency building. It focuses on commitment and support building as also recognizing and rewarding performance and contribution

  1. Introduction to Performance Management
  2. Planning Performance for Role Clarity, Accountability and Effectiveness
  3. Increasing Self-Awareness and Understanding
  4. Self-Appraisal
  5. Performance Analysis
  6. Improving Quality of Performance Ratings
  7. Performance Review Discussion
  8. Using Performance Management Systems Data for HR Decisions and Performance Improvements
  9. Performance Management Systems and Appraisal Practices in India
  10. The 1990s Scenario
  11. Performance Management Systems and Appraisal Practices in Some Asian Countries
  12. Making Performance Management Systems and Appraisals Work
  13. Monitoring Performance Planning Analysis and Development Systems
  14. Focusing on Team Performance for Better Results
  15. Rating-Less Appraisals for the Future of Performance Management Systems
  16. Performance Management
  17. From Systems to Spiritual Approach
  18. Implementing Performance Management Systems
  19. Performance Management Systems in Select Organisations
  20. 360 Degree or Multirater Assessment and Feedback Systems
  21. Potential Appraisal
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