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Successful Product Development: Speeding from Opportunity to Profit (Успешная разработка продукта: набирая скорость от выявления возможности до получения прибыли)

Опубликовано на портале: 30-10-2003
Toronto: John Wiley & Sons, 1999
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Go from concept to cash in record time. When you're working hard on a new product development project, you don't have time for abstract theoretical concepts. You need concise, practical advice that will help you make things happen-now! You need quick access to clear, proven procedures aimed at producing revenue and profit growth fast. You need Successful Product Development: Speeding from Opportunity to Profit. This unique hands-on guide leads you step-by-step through the product development process, from the creation of ideas, through concurrent design and engineering, to just-in-time delivery of a superior product to the customer ahead of the competition. Every step of this process is driven by one guiding principle: the faster you can move from initial concept to product launch, the sooner you will generate income for your business and achieve your firm's profit objective. Filled with invaluable time-saving guidance, Successful Product Development:

* Focuses on the most important product development topic, rapid profit growth
* Takes an event and interval approach tailored for industry professionals
* Features a concise format designed for quick reference and easy reading

Successful Product Development is the ultimate handbook for professionals in new product development, marketing, engineering, and senior and general management in both service and manufacturing firms.

Перед Вами уникальное пошаговое руководство по прохождению всех стадий процесса разработки нового продукта, начиная от создания идей и заканчивая доставкой высококачественных товаров потребителям точно в срок. Базовый принцип, лежащий в основе книги, гласит: «Чем быстрее Вы сможете пройти процесс от исходной идеи до выведения продукта на рынок, тем скорее Вы начнете получать доходы и сможете достичь своих финансовых целей». Книга рассчитана на профессионалов в области создания новых продуктов как производственных фирм, так и предприятий сферы услуг.

The Fuzzy Front End Interval.
The Stages and Gates Interval.
After Launch: The Preprofit and Continued Sales Intervals.
Continuous Improvement.

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