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Personnel Economics for Managers

Опубликовано на портале: 23-04-2007
Изд-во: Wiley, 1998, 529 с.
In this new book, Personnel Economics for Managers, Professor Lazear answers these and many other personnel management questions. His unique approach, using economics to explore human resource topics, builds human resource systems as an entire structure with no one department independent of another. After reading this book, you will finally have a detailed analysis in a field that has traditionally lacked the resources to back up theories and statements

  1. Introduction
  2. Setting Hiring Standards
  3. Hiring the Right People
  4. Learning a Worker's Productivity
  5. Variable Pay or Straight Salary?
  6. The Theory of Human Capital
  7. Turnover, Layoffs and Buyouts
  8. Information, Signalling, and Raiding
  9. Promotions as Motivators
  10. Industrial Politics
  11. Seniority-Based Incentive Schemes Teams
  12. More on the Employment Relationship: Outsourcing, Contracts, Franchising, and More
  13. Nonmonetary Compensation
  14. Benefits
  15. Evaluation
  16. Worker Empowerment


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