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Firms, markets and contracts: Contributions to neoinstitutional economics

Опубликовано на портале: 21-10-2003
Heidelberg: Physica-Verlag, 1996, cерия "Contributions to economics", 298 с.
The essays on contract theory offer new results centering around the theory of the firm. Issues of ownership, integration, delegation, and finance are analyzed. Further, topics of medical care, the economics of crime, the environment, and international trade are treated from a contracting perspective. The authors are leading young economists who have worked at the "International Summer School on the New Institutional Economics".

    Table of Contents
    Noldeke, G., Schmidt, K.M.: Debt as an Option to Own in the Theory of Ownership Rights
    Wagner, R.: Asymmetric Information and the Horizontal Integration of Firms
    Schnitzer, M.: Short-Termism and the Market for Corporate Control
    Waldenberger, F.: The Influence of Transaction Costs in Labor Markets on the Organization of Industry - A Comparative Analysis of Japanese Industrial Organization
    Vagstad, St.: Information Rent and Technology Choice in a Regulated Firm
    Wolff, B.: Constitutional Contracting and Corporate Constitution
    Wessels, J.H.: Collusion and Budget Distortions in Hierarchical Organizations
    Schiller, U.: Long-Term Franchise Contracts: A Closer Look at the Hold-Up Problem
    Neus, W.: Capital Structure, the Risk Incentive Problem, and Repeated Investment Opportunities
    Wahrenburg, M.: Financial Contracting with Adverse Selection and Moral Hazard
    Mohr, B., Schmidt-Mohr, U.: On the Rationality of Kidnaps, Blackguards, and Hostages
    Richard, S.: Information Problems in the Market for Medical Services
    Hoffmann, E., Hoffmann, F.: Data Envelopment Analysis: A Basis for Incentive Contracting
    Balks, M.; Environmental Problems from a Property Rights Perspective
    Yang, Ch.-L.: Efficient Allocation of an Indivisible Good: A Mechanism Design Problem under Uncertainty
    Broil, U.: Risk Sharing Markets and Export Production
    Langner, S.J.: Slot Allocation in the United States. A Transaction Cost Economic Analysis