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Strategic Management: Concepts and Cases

Опубликовано на портале: 23-04-2007
Upper Saddler River, NJ: Prentice-Hall, 2006, 816 с.
The eleventh edition of Strategic Management is a current, well-written strategic management book with the most up-to-date compilation of cases available. Designed in functional four-color, it offers a popular practitioner-oriented perspective, focuses on skill-building in all major areas of strategy formation, implementation, and evaluation, and weaves three very contemporary themes throughout each chapter–globalization, the natural environment, and e-commerce. The author provides and overview of strategic management, as well as strategy formulation and implementation, strategy evaluation, strategic management case analysis, 46 Experiential Exercises and 43 cases including service company cases and manufacturing company cases. For management professionals, small business owners and others involved in business

    Manufacturing Companies


  1. Apple Computer (SCampbell)
  2. Dell Computer


  3. PepsiCo
  4. Molson Coors Food
  5. Hershey


  6. Kellogg
  7. Freddo Ice Cream


  8. Merck
  9. Pfizer


  10. Callaway Golf
  11. Harley-Davidson


  12. Liz Claiborne
  13. Procter & Gamble

    Household Products

  14. Samsonite Corp
  15. Mohawk Industries


  16. General Motors

    Service Companies


  17. Verizon Communications
  18. XM Satellite Radio


  19. Jet Blue Airways
  20. AirTran Airways


  21. USA Truck
  22. Yellow Roadway Corp


  23. Harrah?s Entertainment
  24. Royal Caribbean Cruise
  25. World Reservations Int.


  26. Best Buy
  27. Kroger
  28. Home Depot (ABadal)
  29. Wal-Mart Mexico
  30. Grupo Gigante

    NonProfit Organizations

  31. Saddleback
  32. Metro Ministries
  33. Denver International Airport
  34. United States Postal Service
  35. American Red Cross


  36. Banco Rio
  37. Wells Fargo
  38. Janus Capital Group
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