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Successful Service Operations Management

Опубликовано на портале: 26-04-2007
Mason, OH: South-Western College, 2005, 432 с.
This book covers the full cycle of building a service business from concept formation through implementation. The first section of the book - three chapters - focuses on constructing a business strategy. The next section details how to implement that strategy in the design of the service system. Capacity management is an important strategic and tactical issue in many services, and is the subject of the four chapters in the third section of the book. Finally, the last four chapters provide managers with tools needed for everyday operation

Phase 1: Exploring Services

  • Chapter 1. Services in the Economy
  • Chapter 2. Professional Services
  • Phase 2: Thinking Out of the Box: Operations Strategy
    • Chapter 3. The Front Office
    • Chapter 4. The Back Office
    • Chapter 5. Internet Strategies
    • Chapter 6. Environmental Strategies
    • Chapter 7. Service Quality
    • Chapter 8. The Experience Economy

    Phase 3: Capacity Management

    • Chapter 9. Yield Management
    • Chapter 10. Inventory in Services
    • Chapter 11. Waiting Time Management

    Phase 4: Adding Science to Art

    • Chapter 12. Analyzing Processes
    • Chapter 13. Project Management
    • Chapter 14. New Service Development
    • Chapter 15. Site Selection For Services
    • Chapter 16. Performance Evaluation and Benchmarking with Data Envelopment Analysis
    • Chapter 17. Scoring Systems: Methods for Customer Selection and Solicitation, Resource Allocation, and Data Reduction
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