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The Life Cycle of Corporate Governance

Опубликовано на портале: 26-08-2007
Изд-во: Edward Elgar, 2005, 308 с.
Тематический раздел:
This unique collection of new, previously unpublished chapters examines corporate governance and the various life cycle stages of firms and organizations. The role of the corporate governance life cycle in different industrial and institutional contexts is identified and reviewed, and crucial governance issues relating to the transition between stages are considered. This book will extend our understanding of governance issues beyond the narrow confines of economics and finance perspectives to embrace both learning and knowledge dimensions as well as contextual issues.

1.The Corporate Governance Life Cycle

2. Venture Capital and the Corporate Governance Life Cycle

3. Organizational Life Cycle Transitions and their Consequences for the Governance of Entrepreneurial Firms: An Analysis of Start-up and Adolescent High Technology New Ventures

4. Exploring the Agency Consequences of Ownership Dispersion Among Inside Directors at Family Firms

5. Venture Capitalists, Syndication and Governance in Initial Public Offerings

6. Governance Implications of Locked-in Venture Capitalists (VCs) and Founder Owners in Newly Floated UK Companies

7. Insider Retention and Long-run Performance in German and UK IPOs

8. Divestment, Remuneration and Corporate Governance in Mature Firms

9. Corporate Governance and Financial Constraints on Strategic Turnarounds

10. Corporate Governance and the Public to Private Threshold

11. Corporate Governance, Strategy and Structure: US and British Comparatives, 1950–2000

12. Corporate Directing in Large PLCs: Reflections on (the Concept of) Corporate Governance

13. The Impact of Corporate Governance on Firm Performance and Growth Potential: An Analysis of Three Different European Governance Regimes

14. Corporate Governance Cycles During Transition: Theory and Evidence from the Baltics Contributors: M. Arberk, I. Colville, R. Dino, S. Espenlaub, I. Filatotchev, C. Gispert, M. Goergen, M. Haynes, J. Hayton, D. Jones, A. de Jong, R. Kabir, A. Khurshed, D. Laing, M. Lubatkin, N. Mygind, A. Pye, L. Renneboog, B. Schulze, S. Thompson, S. Toms, C. Weir, M. Wright, S. Zahra

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