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Transnational Corporations and International Production

Опубликовано на портале: 26-08-2007
Изд-во: Edward Elgar, 2005, 240 с.
Тематический раздел:
This unique textbook provides a comprehensive critical analysis of modern theories, concepts and effects relating to transnational corporations and international production. Its user-friendly presentation includes boxes to highlight key concepts as well as suggestions for further reading. The text begins with a clear and concise discussion of basic concepts, and goes on to examine various theoretical approaches, topics and authors including:. Hymer, Vernon, Knickerbocker, Aliber, Dunning, Cantwell, Cowling and Sugden. the Internalisation Theory, the Scandinavian School, and the New Trade Theory approaches. Pre-WWII Marxist and neoclassical approaches to international investment. Finally, Grazia Ietto-Gillies deals with methodological issues in the assessment of effects as well as with specific effects on performance, labour, international trade and the balance of payments. Bringing together wide-ranging research literature on TNCs for the first time, this textbook will be invaluable to post graduate and advance undergraduate students of a variety of disciplines including business/international business, economics, international relations, and development studies. Lecturers and researchers wishing to familiarize themselves with the theoretical developments of the subject will also find the book of enormous interest.

Part I: Concepts

Part II: Pre-WWII Approaches to International Investment

Part III: Modern Theories

Part IV: Effects References