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The German Financial System

Опубликовано на портале: 22-12-2006
Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2004, 550 с.
This book is both a reference book on Germany's financial system and a contribution to the economic debate about its status at the beginning of the twenty-first century. In giving a comprehensive account of the many facets of the system, it covers corporate governance, relationship lending, stock market development, investor protection, the venture capital industry, and the accounting system, and reports on monetary transmission and the credit channel, regulation and banking competition, the insurance and investment industry, and mergers and acquisitions. Special chapters at the beginning and at the end of the book adopt the financial system perspective, analysing the mutual fit of different features of the financial system; and each of the fifteen chapters addresses particular myths that surround it. The book is invaluable for those who want to understand the German economy and its financial system, promising not only a compilation of facts and statistics on Germany's financial markets and institutions, but also an analysis of its current structure and the determinants of its future development.

Part I: Introduction and Overview

1. The Purpose and Structure of the Book, Jan Pieter Krahnen and Reinhard H. Schmidt

2. What Constitutes a Financial System in General and the German Financial System in Particular? Reinhard H. Schmidt and Marcel Tyrell

Part II: Financial Sectors and Corporate Finance

3. German Banks and Banking Structure, Andreas Hackethal

4. Instititutional Investors in Germany: Insurance Companies and Investment Funds, Raimond Maurer

5. Organized Equity Markets, Erik Theissen

6. Monetary Policy Transmission and the Financial System in Germany, Andreas Worms

7. Universal Banks and Relationships with Firms, Ralf Elsas and Jan Pieter Krahnen

8. Initial Public Offerings and Venture Capital in Germany, Stefanie Franzke, Stefanie Grohs, and Christian Laux

9. Mergers and Acquisitions in Germany: Social Setting and Regulatory Framework , Frank A. Schimd and Mark Wahrenburg

Part III: Regulation and Corporate Governance

10. Regulation and Competition in German Banking, Karl-Hermann Fischer and Christian Pfeil

11. Corporate Governance: Legal Aspects, Oliver Rieckers and Gerald Spindler

12. Corporate Governance in Germany: An Economic Perspective, Reinhard H. Schmidt

13. Investor Protection and Capital Market Regulation in Germany, Eric Nowak

14. The Role of Accounting in the German Financial System, Christian Luez and Jens W?stemann

Part IV: Perspectives

15. Taking Stock and Looking Ahead: The German Financial System at the Crossroads? Jan Pieter Krahnen and Reinhard H. Schmidt


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