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Stakeholder Capitalism

Опубликовано на портале: 15-06-2007
1997, 270 с.
A concise and authoritative survey of the political and economic debate around Tony Blair's 'Big Idea' of stakeholding by leading exponents and their critics on both Left and Right. The book summarises and criticises the key stakeholder arguments as these have been applied to the economy and to society. The book seeks to identify what is new in the concept of stakeholding, and whether it can provide the organising idea and strategic direction for a reformist government to regain the initiative in the battle of political ideas for the New Right.

Notes on the Contributors

An Overview of Stakeholding; W.Hutton
A Political Perspective; A.Darling
The Poverty of Stakeholding; D.Willetts
An American Perspective; R.Kuttner
The Third Revolution; H.Perkin
An International Perspective; D.Kelly

The Stakeholder State
From the Economic to the Political; P.Hirst
Stakeholding and the Public Sector; M.Rustin
Towards a Stakeholder Democracy; A.Barnett

Social Justice and the Stakeholder Society
Inclusion and Exclusion; R.Lister
Mapping the Stakeholder Society; J.McCormick

The Stakeholder Company
The Stakeholding Corporation; J.Kay
Company Law and Stakeholder Governance; J.Parkinson
Your Stake in the Workplace; J.Williamson
Stakeholders as Shareholders; A.Pendleton

The Stakeholder Economy
Macroeconomic Policy and Stakeholding; D.Corry
Stakeholding and the City: A Critique; M.Desai
Stakeholding Yes; the German Model No; D.Soskice
The Global Economy; J.Perraton
Conclusion: Stakeholder Capitalism; G.Kelly, D.Kelly & A.Gamble


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