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Handbook of Research on Asian Business

Опубликовано на портале: 25-12-2007
Изд-во: Edward Elgar Publishing, 2007, 488 с.
The rise of Asia as an important region for global business has been widely recognized as one of the most significant economic phenomena in the new millennium. This accessible and comprehensive Handbook brings together state-of-the-art reviews of Asian business in an expansive range of areas including: business organizations, strategic management, marketing, state-business relations, business and development, business policy issues. It is argued that whilst academic studies on Asian business have been in existence for over two decades, there is relatively little systematic integration of our knowledge and research on Asian business. The contributors, drawn from a variety of disciplines within the social sciences, aim to redress the balance with their lively, cutting-edge discussion. Serving as a timely overview of more than two decades of scholarly research, this Handbook will be warmly welcomed by academics, students and researchers interested in Asian business.

1. Unpacking the Business of Asian Business, Henry Wai-chung Yeung


2. Strategy Research in Asia Andrew Delios, Wei Wei Xu and Kulwant Singh

3. Towards an Institution-based View of Business Strategy in Asia, Mike W. Peng

4. Guanxi as the Chinese Norm for Personalized Social Capital: Toward an Integrated Duality Framework of Informal Exchange, Peter Ping Li

5. Transferring Knowledge to Enterprises in China, Eric W.K. Tsang

6. Business Organizations in China, Doug Guthrie and Junmin Wang


7. Challenges of Marketing to Asian Consumers: Exploring the Influence of Different Cultures, Life Styles and Values on Consumer Behaviour in Asia, Piyush Sharma, Cindy M.Y. Chung, M. Krishna Erramilli and Bharadhwaj Sivakumaran

8. Marketing Practice ‘Crossvergence’ in Post-crisis Asia, Tim G. Andrews

9. Entry and Marketing Strategies of FDI Firms in China Tung-lung, Steven Chang

10. China Marketing, Ying Ho and Kam-hon Lee

11. Global Retailers and Asian Manufacturers, Gary G. Hamilton and Misha Petrovic


12. The State and Transnational Capital in Adaptive Partnership: Singapore, South Korea and Taiwan, Christopher M. Dent

13. Capital’s Search for Order: Foreign Direct Investment, Models and Hybrid Models of Social Order in Southeast Asia, Nicholas A. Phelps

14. Government Policies Towards FDI Across East and Southeast Asia: Move Towards Business Policies Encouraging Inter-firm Relationships between MNEs and Local Firms, Axèle Giroud

15. Change and Continuity in Business Organization: The Roles of the State and Regional Ethnicity in Singapore, Lai Si Tsui-Auch

16. How Taiwan Built an Electronics Industry: Lessons for Developing Countries Today, John A. Mathews


17. Cultural Considerations of Business and Economic Development in East Asia, F. Gerard Adams and Heidi Vernon

18. The Dynamics of Southeast Asian Chinese Business, Henry Wai-chung Yeung

19. Innovation Policies for Asian SMEs: An Innovation System Perspective, Cristina Chaminade and Jan Vang

20. Explaining Multinational Companies from the Developing Economies of East and Southeast Asia, Paz Estrella Tolentino

21. Explaining the Emergence of Thai Multinationals, Pavida Pananond

22. Corporate China Goes Global, Friedrich Wu Index