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Governance at Work: The Social Regulation of Economic Relations

Опубликовано на портале: 25-12-2007
Изд-во: Oxford University Press, 1997, 288 с.
Global pressures present similar challenges to companies in different countries, but how those organizations deal with them depends on the social and institutional framework in which they develop and operate. In this book, leading academics explore and explain variations in governance systems, focusing in particular on European trends. In Governance at Work: The Social Regulation of Economic Relations the authors ask: Are structures of work and business organization changing? Are we seeing a move away from large-scale (Fordist) mass-production systems that have dominated the industrialized world in the 20th century? What are the local/national determinants of business organization? Can we speak of different national business systems if so, how do these interact with the operations of international companies in global competition?

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