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Political Economy of Modern Capitalism: Mapping Convergence and Diversity

Опубликовано на портале: 15-01-2008
London: Sage Publications, 2008, 224 с.
Modern capitalism, from neo-liberalism to deregulation, has come to dominate national and international political economy. This major book addresses this convergence and provides a comprehensive overview of the implications for future capitalist diversity. Leading international contributors consider important questions. Is the preference for free markets a well-founded response to intensified global competition? Does this mean that all advanced societies must converge on an imitation of the United States? What are the implications for the institutional diversity of the advanced economies? How do we now evaluate the systems and institutions in East Asia? Political Economy and Modern Capitalism provides a practical and wide-ranging analysis of the public policy choices facing governments and business around the world. It will be invaluable reading for students and researchers of political economy, comparative politics, political science, political sociology, public policy, and administration.

List of Contributors vii

Preface ix

Introduction: The Future Of Capitalist Diversity (Colin Crouch and Wolfgang Streeck) 1

1. The Distinctiveness of Japan (Ronald Dore) 19

2. German Capitalism: Does It Exist? Can It Survive? (Wolfgang Streeck) 33

3. Between Neo-Liberalism and the German Model: Swedish Capitalism in Transition (Jonas Pontusson) 55

4. French Statism at the Crossroads (Robert Boyer) 71

5. Social Institutions and Production Structure: The Italian Variety of Capitalism in the 1980s (Marino Regini) 102

6. The UK 1979-95: Myths and Realities of Conservative Capitalism (Andrew Graham) 117

7. The Institutional Embeddedness of American Capitalism (J. Rogers Hollingsworth) 133

8. Following the Collapse of Communism, Is There Still a Middle Way? (Jean-Paul Fitoussi) 148

9. A Check To Enlightened Capitalism(Philippe d'Iribarne) 161

10. International Finance and the Erosion of Capitalist Diversity (Philip G. Cerny) 173

11. The Future of Global Capitalism; Or, Will Divergence Persist Forever? (Susan Strange) 182

Bibliography 192

Index 201

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