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European Business Systems: Firms and Markets in Their National Contexts

Опубликовано на портале: 21-12-2007
Ред.: Richard Whitley
Изд-во: Sage Publications Ltd, 1994, 302 с.
As Europe moves towards greater unification there is increasing awareness of the differences within the business structure--the significant diversity between cultures and social institutions affecting the myriad and complex business systems. European Business Systems explores these differences and the key characteristics of businesses and markets in eight European countries--Denmark, Finland, The Netherlands, Germany, Britain, Sweden, Italy, and France. Central to the analysis is the thorough examination of the impact that the different cultural, political, and economic groups have had on Europe's business market. The editors show how such factors as the role of the state, financial sectors, education and training, and employment expectations and labor relations are crucial to management styles and decision-making processes, growth and diversification strategies, and to market relationships and development. A major contribution to the analysis of international business, European Business Systems is indispensable reading for all those engaged in, or studying, European and international business, comparative management, and the sociology of organizations.

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