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Introduction to Industrial Organization

Опубликовано на портале: 07-10-2008
Cambridge, Mass: MIT Press, 2000, 368 с.
Over the past twenty years, the study of industrial organization--the analysis of imperfectly competitive markets--has grown from a niche area of microeconomics to a key component of economics and of related disciplines such as finance, strategy, and marketing. This book provides an issue-driven introduction to industrial organization. It includes a vast array of examples, from both within and outside the United States. While formal in its approach, the book is written in a way that requires only basic mathematical training. Supplemental materials posted on the Web make more extensive use of algebra and calculus.


    Part 1: Introduction

  1. What Is Industrial Organization?
  2. Basic Microeconomics
  3. The Firm
  4. Games and Strategy

    Part 2: From Monopoly to Perfect Competition

  5. Monopoly and Regulation
  6. Perfect (and Almost Perfect) Competition

    Part 3: Oligopoly

  7. Oligopoly Competition
  8. Collusion
  9. Market Structure and Market Power

    Part 4: Price and Nonprice Strategies

  10. Price Discrimination
  11. Vertical Relations
  12. Product Differentiation
  13. Advertising

    Part 5: Entry and Exit

  14. Entry Costs, Market Structure, and Welfare
  15. Strategic Behavior, Entry and Exit

    Part 6: Technology

  16. Research and Development
  17. Networks and Standards


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