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Corporate Governance and International Business. Strategy, Performance and Institutional Change

Опубликовано на портале: 24-11-2008
London: Palgrave Macmillan, 2008, 2008, 336 с.
Corporate governance has not, until recently, been a major topic for international business scholars. Corporate Governance and International Business, however, brings together a number of leading scholars and pioneering pieces of research in order to demonstrate that corporate governance and international business are clearly linked. By solving principle-agent problems and fostering different forms of stakeholder investment, it illustrates how corporate governance influences the attractiveness of host countries to inward investors, as well as the internationalization strategies of multinational enterprises themselves. Drawing on a number of different disciplinary approaches and methodological styles, the papers in this book also explore how international investors and the activities of multinational enterprises influence the institutional diversity of corporate governance around the world through novel patterns of diffusion and adaptation.

Why Does Corporate Governance Matter for International Business?; G.Jackson & R.Strange


The Impact of Privatization on Company Performance in Transition Economies: An Evaluation; S.Estrin Corporate Governance and the Composition of Foreign Equity Investment Inflows; R.Strange & J.Chen

Equity Market Integration and the Implications for Foreign Investment in Africa; B.Hearn & J.Piesse

Who Develops Strategy in Firms? Governance and National Values Effects; S.Harris

The Role of Equity Investors in the Internationalisation Strategies of Infant Technology-based Firms; A.Zucchella & E.C.Ramusino

Ownership Concentration and Firm Performance in a Transition Economy: Evidence from Russia; A.Kuznetsov, R.Rapelyushnikov & N.Dyomina

Exploring the Effects of Ownership Structure and CEO Compensation Arrangements on Controlling Shareholders' Tunnelling Behaviour; Z.Wu


Dialogue on Comparative Institutional Analysis and International Business; G.Jackson, M.Sako, C.Lane & R.Hyman

Corporate Social Responsibility: An Institutional Perspective; J.H.Dunning

A Comparison of Mergers and Acquisitions in Japan, Europe and the United States; G.Jackson & H.Miyajima

The Continuing Diversity of Corporate Governance Regimes: France and Britain Compared; M.Maclean & C.Harvey

A Financialised Account of Corporate Governance; T.Andersson, C.Haslam, E.Lee & N.Tsitiannis

The Adoption of an American Executive Pay Practice in Germany; T.Buck & A.Chizema

A Comparison of Corporate Social Responsibility Reporting in the United States, Germany and Australia; S.Chen & P.Bouvain

Corporate Governance Challenges for Dual-registered Companies from Emerging Markets: Focus on South Africa; V.Makin, R.Clarke & M.G.Albon